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Activate Creativity is an online program. Each day for seven days, you receive a creative sequence composed of practical exercises to help you reconnect, stretch and nurture your creativity. You agree to dedicate 1 hour a day to your creativity and in exchange, we guarantee that you'll get to explore and rediscover areas of your creativity that had been dormant. 

 Join a safe place to explore and revive your creativity, make mistakes, play around, and challenge your senses. 

No, but seriously, it works:

"I was curious, so I registered. The idea that it should be possible to stretch my creativity never occurred to me. Even though I consider myself creative, the program rang a bell within me. First I was afraid to waste time with the program, but when starting it, I became focused and on a very joyful level, the program kept me busy, concentrated and connected to my creativity. I enjoyed the act of sharing a lot. So a very good start to go out, e.g. to try blogging or Instagram. The greatest gift of the program is that I could not repeat myself. I was asked by my personal ally to surprise myself and this triggered work, I wouldn´t have created outside the AC-program." - Anne, Germany

"They say creativity can't be taught. To a degree, they are right, because we are all born with creativity. That creativity can be nurtured, enlightened, and explored until you transcend your current creative limits and new worlds open up to you. Activate Creativity showed me the path to a completely new dimension of my creative abilities." - Jeremy, United States

"With this course, you suddenly realize the value of time and of doing. This course makes you actually DO staff. It makes you wait for those 60 minutes every day where you will see the birth of unexpected small cute ideas. It gives you tools to connect: with yourself, with others, with the world surrounding you. It resumes instincts you forgot to have, eaten by your day in day out routine." Enrica, Dubaï

"I must tell you how much I enjoyed my experience being involved with your program. One of my daughters gave it to me as a Christmas present so I really had no idea what it was about and therefore had no preconceptions or expectations. That was probably a good thing because I was thrown in at the deep end. I have had formal training in a creative field in the past and my creativity and ideas came effortlessly to me, but this program forced me to explore other areas out of my comfort zone. At times that made me frustrated and impatient but I also felt fulfilled having completed the tasks even though I was never completely happy with my efforts. The tight time limits were a great discipline for me because I am a procrastinator and I need the pressure to perform best. So thank you both for a very stimulating and engaging week together." - Avril, Australia

Reconnect, Stretch & Nurture your Creativity

  • Reconnect with your creativity in just 7 days
  • Get an ally to accompany you personally in your creative journey 
  • Join a safe community to take risks and be playful again
  • Gain tools to create anywhere, anytime
  • Collect creative ideas to go back to and explore 

You are not creative. You have creativity within you. Let's activate it.

Creativity is a muscle. It needs love, attention, and care. Sometimes, it gets hurt and needs healing. Sometimes it’s atrophied. And sometimes it’s healthy and strong and just wants to express itself. Regardless, it needs to be used. Activate Creativity is here to make sure that happens.


Forget the gazillions of links that require hours of reading, watching and listening. 

We'll send you creative exercises to awaken your creativity, take you out of your comfort zone while providing you with a safe place to share and express yourself.




Activate Creativity is for you IF:

  • Your job requires you to use your creativity, but you've lost touch with the joy and playfulness you once felt.
  • You want to use your creativity but can't seem to find the time to.
  • You think you are not creative, but you wish you were. (Good news: nobody is creative, and you will have no trouble activating your creativity!)


The gates to enroll are currently closed but if you'd like to know in advance when the next workshop will open, you can register here.


Online. You can live anywhere in the world and attend the program. So far, we've had people from 13 countries who have participated in the program. This is not a live event. You do not need to be online at a certain time of the day, you just need to spend 60 minutes daily on the program, whenever it fits your daily schedule.



Upon enrolling you will receive:

  • A short survey. Based on your answers, we will select a Creative Challenge specifically for you. 



On the pre-launch day, you will receive:

  • A detailed email explaining the different exercises you are going to complete during the week
  • A welcome video with instructions on how to make the most of your upcoming week
  • A creative agreement to read and sign
  • The creative challenge we've selected for you for the week
  • A link to join the creative community and connect with the other participants (and us!). Once you enroll, you will always have access to the creative community.


FROM DAY 1 to 7 // 

During the 7 days the program lasts you will:

  • Receive a daily email detailing the exercises to complete each day within 60 minutes. Each exercise asks for a different number of minutes. Some will take 2 minutes, some more. x
  • Complete the exercises. The full sequence has been designed to activate different aspect of your creativity.
  • Share with your personal ally your daily creative challenge
  • Have the possibility to share with the private community your work, and connect with other participants. You won't be alone, this is a conversation. At times, creating can feel lonely. Sharing your results can ensure creativity not only exists but also thrives. 

The 8 Exercises designed to reactivate your creativity in 60 minutes daily:

  • Start with "in" (2 minutes)
  • The Picasso Angle (5 minutes)
  • The Daily Creative Challenge (15 minutes)
  • Stretch It! (10 minutes)
  • Astronauting (10 minutes)
  • Scan Your Senses (3 minutes)
  • End with "out" (10 minutes)
  • The Daily Road Map (5 minutes)



On the closing day you will receive:

  • A bonus list of reads and talks that have inspired us and we believe will inspire you too to continue on your creative journey.


  • Evaluation of your talent
  • Magic recipe for success
  • Tips on how to make money from your creativity

If you are looking for those things, you should not enroll in this workshop. 


60 minutes of your time daily, for seven consecutive days (from February 26 until March 5th).

A notebook (more on that upon enrollment)

You don’t have to be a professional creative to enroll but you need to say Yes to dedicating 60 minutes a day to your creativity.


Activate Creativity has a limited enrollment policy to make sure we can dedicate quality time to each one of you during the program, build a strong and healthy community, and provide you with the creative support you need.  

There will be 20 seats for the next session. 




You can offer a seat to a loved one. After enrolling, simply email us at to let us know who is the person it is for, and we'll enroll them and let them know.


Because investing money can put pressure on one's finances, happiness is guaranteed, or you get your money back. 

If after completing the full program you are not satisfied with the experience, all you have to do is email us and we will give you a full refund.

Completing the full program means:  

  • spending 60 minutes on your creativity daily
  • completing your daily road map every day.

If you've genuinely participated to the program spending 60 minutes on your creativity daily and completing the daily roadmap at the end of each day and felt no result, we will give you your full refund no questions asked!


Here is what participants to the first Activate Creativity program had to say:

"This Creative Program helped me not only to demonstrate that I had creativity in me but also to reconnect with my inner-me, which I think I lost for a few months now. The Ally that you have on your side all along the program is encouraging, boosting you when you need and guides and pushes you when you feel you don't get where you want or the path gets too easy. That was a week for me to confirm that I can do anything I wanted if I was perseverant and put discipline in it! Thank you to the team of Activate Creativity for putting this program together for giving us the time to push me beyond my limits!" - Laure, Dubaï

"Having kicked around some script ideas for months (and myself for not getting them done!), Activate Creativity gave me the little 'nudge' I needed to get back to actually writing. By reintroducing the 'habit' of writing for a set time each day and committing to delivering some actual words at the end of it - since finishing the course, I am now writing (without fail) for an hour each day and enjoying it more than ever. If you feel a bit stifled, stuck, blocked or even 'lazy', give Activate Creativity a whirl and you'll soon be re-energised and creative once again!." - Louis, United Kingdom

"I learned how to connect with, and express myself, in a limited amount of time. Nathalie, just by being herself, created a safe space for me to let go of any judgment and enjoy the process of creating. This was a real pleasure. I felt very comfortable to submit my creative work to her. Her responses were kind, full of life, and intuitive. My experience with Activate Creativity was very positive ... it allowed me to be honest with myself and create from this place. What a gift." -Betsy, United States

"I feel stronger now after I completed Activate Creativity. It gave me energy, confidence and it made me happy about the things I create. This week is only the beginning. Thank you very much!” -Roberta, Brazil

"I had participated in a Creative Challenge and really enjoyed it, so when I got the Activate Creativity email I said, "I'm in". Each daily assignment was equally challenging and inspiring, so finding time to do them was stress-free and liberating -plus, the challenge was to spend 30 minutes every day on thinking and producing. Each theme, reading, challenge and extras were carefully thought of and crafted, so creativity was a must. I highly recommend it!” -Matthew, Mexico

"I was privileged to be a part of the first Activate Creativity program. My choice for the Creative Challenge was a photography one. I had been growing bored with what I was doing, or not doing as the case may be, and was thinking about taking up a new hobby/learning a new skill. The Photography Challenge showed me a way to spark some new life into taking pictures and to make it fun." - Jonathan, Canada

"I work in an artistic industry but spend most of my time making things for others. Activate Creativity helped me take the time to reconnect with my imagination without the pressure that comes with my everyday work. It is definitely the beginning of a new relationship with my own creativity." -Sarah, Canada

"I really liked this daily experience. I discovered new styles and new zones of my creativity. It's very important to be disciplined during the duration of the challenge because it lasts only one week, but I have now new tools and tips to nurture my creativity. Thank you, Nathalie, for your feedback and encouragements!” -Brigitte, France

"I was privileged to be a part of the first Activate Creativity program. My choice for the Creative Challenge was a photography one. I had been growing bored with what I was doing, or not doing as the case may be, and was thinking about taking up a new hobby/learning a new skill. The Photography Challenge showed me a way to spark some new life into taking pictures and to make it fun." -Nancy, United States



1. I don't live in the United States, is this going to be a problem?

Not at all. You can be anywhere in the world to participate to Activate Creativity. We will email you your creative exercises daily, and you'll decide when you want to spend 60 minutes total on it. Wherever you are.

2. I haven't been to Art School, what if I can't do it?

Prior Art experience is not necessary. This is not about painting an apple, or understanding perspective in drawing, it's about reconnecting and playing with your unique voice, and what makes you, you. Whatever your field is, being creative is an asset to express your full potential. What we want is for you to be in active touch with this asset.

3. Do you really give a full refund if I am not happy with the outcome of the program?

Yes. As long as you've genuinely completed the full program! If you're not sure what "completed the full program" means, check the "Happiness Guarantee" section.

4. What do you mean by 'a Safe Place to create'?

Sharing your work is a key component to the creative process, but it can feel paralyzing. We sometimes feel our work is not ready, or perfect, or the result is not what we had hoped for, and so we keep it in a drawer. But learning to share your work is a great way to keep yourself accountable and to give life to it. Activate Creativity provides a 'safe place' because during the program, you'll share your results daily, no matter the outcome, not for it to be judged, but to practice the art of sharing and letting go.

5. What if I have a "regular" job? Can I benefit from the program?

Of course! The program is not limited to artists and creatives, it is for everybody. Whatever you job, being in touch with your creativity increases your empathy, reduces your stress, and helps you connect information in a way that is unique to you and is often priceless. Spending time to activate and reconnect with your creativity and it will become a new tool to use at work and at home.

Have more questions? Email us at

About Us

Nathalie Sejean

After decades spent thinking creativity was a given, Nathalie went into a creative burnout. Refusing to believe this was over, she decided to understand what happened while reconnecting with her creative muscle. As she shared her journey self-healing and expanding her creativity, she met with many creatives who also struggled with burnout but didn't have the tools to take care of their creative injury. That's why she co-founded Activate Creativity.

Joe Sejean

After Joe entered his professional career, he gradually stopped giving space to his creative side. Refusing to feed the story that "creativity and business don't need each other" he decided to activate his creative muscle again. As he shared his journey reconnecting with his creativity and its numerous benefits, he realized many of his working peers had the same desire but didn't know where to start. That's why he co-founded Activate Creativity.

Activate Creativity offers online programs dedicated to helping people reconnect, stretch and nurture their creative muscle.